Kyoto “Samurai” House



Today, I introduce Kyoto “Samurai” House .

You can expelience many things. For instance, tea ceremony, ”Kimono”, calligraphy, Moth, Japanese dance here.

京都武家屋敷 Kyoto “Samurai” House

〇Experience of tea ceremony   45~60 min

Tea ceremony 3000 yen   /   Rental “Kimono” and Tea Ceremony  4500 yen

Detail & Booking     http://kyohotel.jp/en/activity/teaceremony

Private session ※2 people more(English, French, Cantonese, Chinese, other)

5000 yen ※ pick-up service

You can feel as if not real. Very special experience you do.

It’s amazing appearance, I could feel historical and it’s natural, wonderful structure.

Surely, teaching is very nice so It’s easy for me to first’s experience.

I recommend!!

〇Rental ”Kimono”

☆Another option: sale a “Kimono”

Rental fee 1h /2000 yen   2h /3000 yen   24h /5000 yen

Detail & Booking   http://kyohotel.jp/en/activity/kimonorental

〇利き酒 Liquor tasting

30 min or 45 min (Engkish, chinese, Cantonese)  ※2 people more

1500 yen     5 kinds of liquor +Nibbles +explain

3000 yen      10 kinds of liquor +Nibbles+explain

You can try to drink many premium sake and so on.

This service is cheaper than others. This is why you maybe glad. If you interested in liquor.

〇”Maiko”(before) and private entertainment

Talking with her, experience of private entertainment, Japanese dance, play moth.

〇”Samurai Kimono”, get into “Ninja”

Photographing of “Ninja” or “Samurai” appearance

get into “Ninja” 1h /2000 yen

”Samurai Kimono” 1h /3000 yen

get into “Ninja and use a “Shuriken”  3000 yen

has many unique “Kimono”

〇Group plan / 20~40 people

①Experience of tea ceremony   ②Teach dressing    ③Play Japanese dance  ④Make a Japanese sweets  ⑤Liquor tasting

It’s possible for you to do more experience in Kyoto “Samurai” House.

Please checking and you should go!!

※All experience, you must need to reserve.


600-8222, 384, Mongakuchō, Simogyō-ku, Kyōto-shi, Kyōto-hu

Mail: info@samurai-house.jp

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