• Is luggage storage possible?

    Luggage storage service is available freely at the front desk. Please ask our receptionist.

  • What are the check-in and check-out times?

    Check-in and check-out times vary depending on the hotel.

    Please check the details page of each hotel from the URL below.

    Hotel list page: https://kyohotel.jp/en/hotel/

    * Depending on the accommodation plan, some may differ.

  • Is there a parking lot?

    We are very sorry , M’s Hotel Group does not have a parking lot.

    Also there is no affiliated parking lot.

    Please use the pay parking lot around the hotel.

  • Is there internet available at the hotel?

    Free Wifi connection is available. However, please understand beforehand that you may not be able to use due to bad connection, and speed may decrease.

  • I want to know rental equipment and facility information

    Please refer to each hotel page at the following URL for details. Click here for the hotel list page

  • What kind of amenities do you have?

    Please refer to each hotel page at the following URL for details. Click here for the hotel list page

  • Is there a laundry room?

    Some hotels have a laundry room. Please check the website of each hotel.

    Hotel list page: https://kyohotel.jp/en/hotel/

  • Can I smoke inside the hotel?

    All the rooms are non-smoking rooms at M’s Hotel.

    We would appreciate it if you could smoke in a designated smoking area.

  • Is there a restaurant in the hotel?

    We do not have any restaurants at hotels. However, M’s Plus Shijo Omiya has free morning service from 6:30 to 9:30 at the Cafe lounge.

  • How much is the child fee?

    At M ’s Hotel, children 6 years and older are charged the same price as adults. There is no charge for children under 5 years old. (1 child per bed)

  • Can I send my luggage from hotel?

    You can send your luggage to the following hotels: Hotel Gran M’s Kyoto, Hotel M’s Plus Shijo Omiya, Hotel M’s EST Shijo Karasuma, Hotel M’s EST Kyoto Station South, HOTEL The M’s KYOTO, Hotel M’s Est Nanajo.

    <Sending from hotel>

    We are happy to assist to send your luggage by Yamato Transport.

    Oversized luggage and refrigerated shipping are out of service.

    <Sending to hotel/ Receiving at hotel >

    We are happy to hold any items except for refrigerated parcel, fragile items and valuable items.

    ※ This service is subject to terms & conditions of Yamato Transport, but some service is unavailable.

  • Do you have transfer service?

    In response to the Japanese government’s request for countermeasures against the coronavirus, and also to protect the health of our customers, we have decided to close our hotel shuttle bus service.