Special time on a Rickshaw! @Kyoto



The richshaw, the ride that everyone (including myself) wants to experience once in life . You can get on it in Kyoto around Arashiyama, Gion and Uji district. On this ride you are going to feel the Japanese hospitality culture so it is very recommended.

Why rickshaw is attractive?

① You are going to enjoy a view from a different angle and height.
② You are going to have a different experience from going on a car or a train. You are going around feeling the fresh air of Kyoto.
➂ You are going to get exclusive information from the staff and have a picture for the memory.

Especially in Arashiyama the rickshaw goes around a special path that not everyone goes. So having a rickshaw you are going to have a bamboo forest experience only for you.

Seasons and weather does not matter! If it is raining, the rickshaw has a roof and for winter it has a heater and blankets. There are many staffs who can speak English and Chinese, so you can enjoy the connection with the staff as well. Having Kyoto as a background of your picture in a rickshaw is definitely one of a kind!!

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Detail  http://kyohotel.jp/en/activity/rickshaw