Experience pottery at the famous spot “Philosophy Road” in Kyoto!



A few days ago, I went to Mansagama, along the Philosopher’s Path with staffs for Pottery Experience.

The Philosopher’s Path is a promenade between Ginkakuji and Nanzenji. It is a path full of nature where you can enjoy cherry blossoms in spring and autumn leaves in autumn. There are fancy cafes and shops lined up and there are plenty of shops in the area! You can enjoy relax time at there. The cherry blossoms on the road of philosophy are exceptional, so please take a look.

There are many foreign tourists coming from the West (especially French people!), Cycling and relaxing in cafes.  The cherry blossoms on the road of philosophy are exceptional, so I recommend you to take a look.

In addition, near the philosophy road, there are popular tourist spots Ginkakuji, Eikando, Nanzanji.“Honen-in” and “Gyokan-ji are famous for camellia and “Anraku-ji”is known for the colorful autumnal leaves. What’s more, there is a shrine called Kumano Nyakuouji. This shrine is famous for cute Crow Fortune. Like those places, there are many tourist spots near the philosophy road.


Pottery experience! You can make a rice bowl or teacup and you can choose from 7 different colors. It takes quite a while to adjust thickness and size, but if you try to make it I thought it’s very fun and you’ll fell you want to make it again! It only takes 20 minutes to experience it.


You will get your original pottery after 2 or 3 weeks♪ That’ll be really exciting after returning from your trip and get what you made! Please try it as a special memory in Kyoto!

Detail  http://kyohotel.jp/en/poj/3098?preview=true