“Rokubori” Classic ”Omurice”in Kyoto



Today, I will recommend a Omurice to you in Kyoto which is  “Rokubori”.
This is a Classic ”Omurice”, one of Rokubori’s popular menus.
The eggs are fluffy and syrupy.
The compatibility with the rich ”Demigrass” sauce was outstanding and the best.
I used to want to eat it once since I saw this Classic ”Omurice” on SNS
It was nice to be able to eat.
Please checking!!

Menus and courses are also abundant at Western restaurant.
Lunch course
¥ 3500
Dinner course
¥ 6500, ¥ 7500
・ Drink-free dinner 2 hours all-you-can-drink ¥ 6,000 (excluding tax)
・ Rooftop private beer garden (limited to one set per day)
・ 4 people-up to about 20 people
(If you are using 2 people, it will be charged separately)
・All-you-can-drink ¥ 6500 ~
2 hours system (1000 yen per hour for 1 person)
Reservation required 3 days in advance. (Because it is crowded with reservations in summer)
There is a cancellation fee rule etc.
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Opening hours: 11: 30-22: 30
Lunch: 11: 30-14: 00 LO
Dinner: 18: 00-20: 30 LO
Dayoff: Wednesday, 2nd and 4th Thursday
Tel 075-354-8117


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