Japanese main event in May ~Children’s Day~



I would like to introduce “Children’s day” in Japan.

The “Children’s Day” is on May 5th in Japan.

On the day, we celebrate children’s happiness, their health and growth.

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The origin of the Japanese Boy’s Festival can be traced back to the Chinese tradition of exorcism.

When a shogun (genera) was born in the Edo era, he was celebrated on May 5th.

In China, “carp” has been a symbol of success in life,

Therefore, carp streamers have come to be decorated in hope of a boy’s success in Japan.

The reason for decorating armor is because parents

want their children to become strong men.

I think we will be spending Children’s Day at home this year due to the corona-virus,

But since you are at home, I want you to enjoy your family time.

May everyone have a wonderful “Children’s Day”!