【UZURAYA】bar restaurant in Kyoto Gion Shijo (Yakitori/Grilled chicken)



Today I will introduce you a bar restaurant 【Uzuraya】 in Gion Shijo.

It is famous for Japanese food Yakitori (Grilled chicken), and it is popular for using special ingredients and providing original dishes.

You can enjoy many different kinds of interesting dishes using Chicken.

Chicken Sashimi

Especially, Sashimi of chicken(Raw chicken) and Tsukune( Japanese chicken meatball) were impressive, and those texture and quality of ingredients were completely different from those I have ever eaten!

Also, all their original dishes that I have never eaten were awesome.

Each dish is small, but you can enjoy a variety of dishes.

Many foreign tourists already have visited here to enjoy popular Japanese food Yakitori!
It is a little bit expensive, however, I recommend you to visit Uzuraya if you want to enjoy Japanese food Yakitori.
Also, it is good to visit after dinner to have a little Yakitori with beer.


Opening Hours:18:00~24:00 Regular holiday: Wednesday)

Access: 1 minutes walking for Keihan Gion-Shijo Station

Budget 6000~7999 yen

Seats:10 seats, all counter seats

ENGLISH MENU available