Rakugo ~Japanese traditional comedy that you can learn history.~



Today I would like to introduce Rakugo which is Japanese traditional comic storytelling.

Rakugo is performed by Rakugo-ka(storyteller)alone. A Rakugo-ka plays many people by himself/herself in one story. For example a rakugo-ka plays women who cheated her husband and the husband who is cheated by his wife.

Most of Rakugo was made over 100 years before but, it never gets old. This is because a Rakugo-ka(storyteller) brash up Rakugo day by day.

Rakugo is updating with the times but without changing the true nature of the comedy storytelling.

Although we are just listening a story, we can image the picture in our head. That is the most unique character of Rakugo. It has more interesting character to talk about. However I think you can not understand why Rakugo is interesting unless you listen it on live .Therefore I would like to introduce English Rakugo performance event in japan.

From 1990’s Rakugo has been performed in foreign language. Nowadays there is a Canadian Rakugo-ka who perform Rakugo in Newyork.

English Rakugo in Tokyo

In japan there are few English rakugo performance event.
This link is about English Rakugo show in Tokyo, if you are interested please check it out!

Katsura sunshine

Katsura sunshine is the Canadian rakugo-ka who I mentioned earlier on this blog. you can check his performance on

YouTube https://www.youtube.com/user/KatsuraSunshine/featured.

Also he explain what Rakugo is so if you want to know Rakugo deeper, you should visit his chanel.

Rakugo is Japanese traditional comedy but it is changing with times. Therefore everyone enjoy and laugh.If you really want to know Japanese people’s dairy life why don’t you listen Rakugo.

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