Japanese pattissier’s amazing cake craftmanship: BIRTHDAY CAKE from JUCHHEIM




Recently I had my birthday and I enjoyed a lot!

One of my favorite things about the birthday is; no matter how old you are, having someone to celebrate your birthday is such a wonderful things and we’ll filled with so much happiness while enjoying and sharing the moment together, don’t you think so?

Anyway long story short, I love warmhearted compassionate things💗


And most interesting thing of my birthday this year was a “cake” because it was so beautiful, sweet, artistic which I haven’t seen for quit a long time and most definitely, yummy!

Then I thought, not only receiving but also giving this cake to someone who you love is really beautiful and they gonna enjoy the way I did!

So today, I’m going to introduce about the birthday cake.

Here we go!😊

Flower chocolate birthday cake 🍰

This is it!

Don’t you think that the flower design like a rose is so beautiful and cute?

Right above is looks like this and…

When you see it up close, flowers and leaves are designed beautifully🌼

It’s like a magic of the pattissier!

Actually, this cream is not a whipped cream, it’s a “butter cream”.

Little bitter taste chocolate cake and the butter cream was such a good combination and very delicious!

I put the birthday candle on cake.

It looked good on it and so beautiful✨

Strawberry sponge birthday cake 🍰

There’s another kind of cake like this.

The cake was made with two layers and it looks gorgeous!

This is a strawberry sponge cake and it was also yummy!


Today what I showed you was both from the patisserie of 〖JUCHHEIM〗 and they have Baumkchen, cookies and so on other than cakes.

I want to try other sweets of JUCHHEIM, since I noticed my birthday cake was made by them.

The store is almost everywhere in Japan but I wrote the store which you can buy in Kyoto down below so check the wonderful sweets when you visit the department store!


( 4 stores in Kyoto )

🍰Kyoto Takashimaya
Opening hours 10:30~19:30 / Closing days: New Year days

🍰JR Kyoto Isetan
Opening hours 10:00~20:00 / Closing days: New Year days

🍰Rakusai Takashimaya
Opening hours 10:00~18:30 / Closing days: New Year days

🍰Kyoto Daimaru
Opening hours 10:00~20:00 / Closing days: New Year days

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