Tutaya Books ~unique and stylish book store in Umeda area~



Best book store in Osaka Umeda【Tutaya Books】

Today I would like to introduce a stylish book store in Osaka Umeda area which is called Tsutaya Books.

Tsutaya is a book store with Starbucks inside so you can read a book and buy a coffe in the starbucks at the same time.

Also you can take a book from book shelf and read it in Starbucks without buying the book.
Therefore you can choose whether you buy a book or not comfortable with chair.

The Store of interior is pretty awesome so it’s exciting for exploration.

The way of displaying the books are different as normal book stores in Japan so you can browse many kinds of books in here.

In addition, you can buy stylish interior books and stationary.

It is really convenient both Hankyu railway, subway of Umeda station and JR Osaka station.
If you visit Osaka Umeda why don’t you go Tsutaya books and chill.

Umeda【Tutaya Books】

Opening Hours 7:00~23:00 everyday

Stations nearby :Subway Umeda Station・JR Osaka Station


〒530-8558 Osaka, Kita Ward, Umeda, 3 Chome−1−3 ルクアイーレ 9F
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