Kyoto 1 Day itinerary



What to do if you just arrived in Kyoto, and going to the next destination before.
(or you don’t want to waste all day)
I suggest you to plan the schedule starting with the morning route, which starts from Kyoto Station.
(Why in the morning? – Because, as a rule, planes from the Kansai Airport arrives in the morning, a train or a bus will bring you to Kyoto station first).
Route 1. Old Town
I suggest to leave things in the locker room at the station, transfer to the subway and drive two stations to Shijo Station.
You can also leave your luggage/Luggage delivery in our M’s Kyoto Information Center!
Before check-in and after check-out. ⇒ Details click here.

Nishiki Market (1)
From where you can head straight to Nishiki Market (1), where from the morning until 6 p.m. shops selling not only traditional Japanese food, but also local (Kyoto food) are open.

Having breakfast in the market and getting acquainted with the culture of Kyoto, I propose to walk to Kawaramachi station (see on the map)
Google Map here

Pontocho (2)
There is a small street called Pontocho (2). It stretches along the river. It is easy to miss, so remember that this is the last street on the left side in front of the bridge over the river, dividing the city into two parts.
I suggest taking a walk along Pontocho Street, where the most expensive and luxurious restaurants in in Kyoto. There are also tea houses, which means there is the opportunity to meet Geisha and Maiko.
When you walk to the end of the street, I propose going back to the Gion-Shijo Station for same way. and then across the bridge or going down to the riverside to have a walk.
Google Map here

Tsujiri Gion (7)

Across the bridge and after passing two streets, turn right, where the old city is located with its tea houses, shops, restaurants, the Kabuki theater, temples and a School of Geisha (3). Here you can go into some cafe where tea is served from matches or ice cream. For example, in Tsujiri Gion (7).
Google Map here

Kenningji Temple (8)

Do not miss the opportunity to go to Kenningji Temple(8), hidden behind numerous houses and drowning in foliage (8). It is worth your time, not only because it is a beautiful temple with a long history, but also because it is not a “clogged” tourist place.
Google Map here

Yasaka Shine (4)

If you still have strength, I suggest you go to Yasaka Shine (4), and after passing through it, you will climb to the top of the hill on which Kiyomizudera Temple (5) is located – a temple of clean water.
If you have a desire to buy gifts and souvenirs for yourself or your beloved ones, I propose to do it in a small shop, opposite the Yasaka Shine – Ki-Yan (6) – the name shop of a famous artist in Kyoto. Or buy something along the way to the Kiyomizudera Temple. I offer dinner in one of the restaurants in the Gion area. For example, in 牛牛 GYUGYU (6).

Google Map here

A whole plan with map:

Useful Links:

Tsujiri Gion (7)

Ki-Yan  (6)

牛牛GYUGYU (6)

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