Roasted Kiln Matcha Sweets Chakei @ Kyoto Station



Today I would like to recommend a sweet shop called “Chansen” near Kyoto Station. Yakigama Sweets Chakei is a new style sweets specialty shop that you could taste the freshness of the sweeets.

They offer sweets according to the season. The recommended item is “Matcha/Tamatebako Sweets”.

It has the finest matcha sweets. When you open the box, you can feel and see clearly the comparison between this and the normal sweets. You can enjoy the different kind of fun.

There are also a limited-time only products for each season.

You can enjoy unique tastes, such as pizza, matcha, parfait, tarts and truffles.

Business hours/11:00〜22:00 (L.O. 21:30)  Irregular holidays (Please call before hand)

So if you are around JR Kyoto Station, do come and find out for yourself! This shop is very famous and there are many people lining up to this shop.