Today I will introduce you to Rokka.

577-4 Minami-gumi, Inaricho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto

10: 00-18: 00
(Morning ~ 11: 00)
(Last order 17:40)

Regular holiday: Tuesday, Wednesday


In this shop you can enjoy toast with coffee and a tea in a calm atmosphere,

There are various types of lunches, including soup lunches, daily lunches, and quiche lunches.

You can choose.


The above photo was taken with coffee and a limited time homemade fig toast.

The sweetness of figs, the aroma of coffee, and the bitterness were good compatibility.

By the way, Morning is A set ¥ 550 Butter toast and your favorite drink

B set ¥ 650 Butter toast, salad and your favorite drink

One drink from coffee, tea, orange juice, milk, grapefruit juice (you can choice)

Other regular food menus include curry rice and cakes!


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The place is close to “Chion-in” and “Gion”.

If you want to rest a little time, Why don’t you stop by? (^^) /


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