Coffee and pudding in “Torinoki” Coffee @KYOTO



Today, I’ll introduce “Torinoki coffee”, cafe shop.


I think coffee and pudding are the best of selected in this shop. A few days ago, I firstly went to go this shop. Outward appearance and interior is good,  so cool.Many people came to the shop then.

By the way, I ate Blend coffee and pudding, 450 yen, 300 yen. I heard this pudding is very popular before going there.

Actually, very very good taste, I was so happy!!

↓This shop access↓
 moagosyominami, 1F , 542 yamanakachō, ebisugawa street higashinotōin higashihairu, nakagyō-ku kyōtō-shi kyōtō-fu
 Subway, “Karasuma” line, from “Marutamachi” station take about 6 min on foot.
I recommend you go to the shop!! Thank you!(^^)!


















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