“Niboshi soba” 「Ai」



Today we will introduce you to Niboshi Soba “Ai”.


Niboshi Soba Ai 29-1 Yoshida Shimoadachichō, Sakyō-ku, Kyoto, Kyoto About 8 minutes on foot from Keihan Jingu Marutamachi Station

Telephone 070-5503-2898

[Weekdays] 11: 30-15: 00/18: 00-21: 00 [Saturday, Sunday and public holidays] 11: 30-18: 00 * Ends as soon as the soup runs out open on Sundays

Regular holiday [Monday] [1st and 3rd Sunday]

There is also a 10-seat table.


This photo is Richi Niboshi soba¥ 800. As the name suggests, the soup stock is rich, but the aftertaste is light and clear.

I like ramen, a seafood-based soup, such as boiled sardines, sanma, and salmon. There is a ramen shop called “en” in Hachioji, Tokyo.

Is it comparable to that store? To make you think It was delicious.

Noodles and soup are tangled, and onions are a good accent.

If you have read this blog, I would like you to eat a supreme ramen. There are other boiled dried soba noodles (tsukemen).

The shop owner is bright and the atmosphere in the store is good.

I recommend!!


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