【2019】How to Enjoy Gion Festival? Making a finest memory in Kyoto!



Gion festival is one of the most famous and historical event in Kyoto,Japan.
From first of July to end of July, there are many traditional events through the most ancient city in Japan.

People who lived in 11oo-year before in Kyoto believed the plague was caused by evil spirits,
and cursed so they held the ceremony to appease them.
That is the beginning of this festival and we maintain the culture and cerebrate every year.

As I mentioned, there are many traditional and holy events through July.
But hey you might think “Which day we should go? What can we see in this festival?” .

Don’t worry about it.

If you go to the day of “Yamahoko Junko” or “Yoiyama” 

you will definitely fall in love with authentic and amazing festival that you have never witnessed.



When it comes to Gion festival, “Yoiyama” is a best day to enjoy it. Yoiyama.
Yoiyama is one of the most famous days of this festival, many of tourists
from Japan and abroad walk down the streets to drink and eat good foods from all over Japan.
Wanna get to know biggest historical festival in Japan?? This is perfect option for you.

It will be held on Monday and Tuesday, 15th and 16th of July, from 18:00PM to 23PM,
Shijo street to Horikawa street will turn into a pedestrian precinct
where you can enjoy hundreds of Japanese food stands and Japanese traditional festival games.

Next time I will write about “Yamahoko Junko” and share the history and information of this wonderful event.