Homemade european “torotoro” beef belly curry



Today, I introduce Cray pod curry “Ohmiya Seiuemon”.

113-1, Yokokajichō, Marutamachi-nishinotōin-nishi-iru, Nakagyō-ku, Kyōto-shi, Kyōto-hu
Subway Karasuma-line  Marutamachi station 7 min on foot
Subway Tōzai-line Nijo-jo-mae station 10 min on foot
City Bus Huchō-mae stop close by
Thurs, Fri:11:00~15:30/17:30~20:30
Satur, Sun, Special:11:00~16:30/17:30~20:30
rest: Tuesday

















This photo of the curry is the most popular of all menu. Homemade european “torotoro” beef belly curry, ¥1200


You understand reasons of this curry what is popular when you soon eat one.

At first, about curry… but, former I’m talking about beef belly on the rice.

This one is very boiled so tender and good tasty.

It is poured Demi-glace sauce over beef belly, sauce, rice and curry are good match.

This curry is simmering and very hot.

I think you can enjoy to eating this one which is rich taste.

Balance of all is grate. Please eat!!

Any other, has many kinds of curry.

In particular, fun of curry, please checking!!


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