Do You know Maiko?2

Maiko is an apprentice of Geisya. Geisya is Japanese traditional female entertainer who performs Japanese classical  dance at Japanese style party.  Maiko trains roughly 5 years from teenager to become Geisya. They go to school for traditional performing arts (classical dance ,Japanese harp,tea ceremony)  on day time. On night time they perform what they practice in school at party and stage.

Maiko wear brightly colored and beautiful long sleeved Kimono.Also they put on tall shoes(Geta) and lovely and gorgeous hair ornament.
They dress differently how Geisya dress.

There are Maiko all over japan but many Maiko lives Kyoto. In Kyoto there are 5 areas where Maiko is.If you are lucky,you could find Maiko on street!


On this  tour you can eat Japanese food at Japanese traditional restaurant. While eating Japanese traditional food, you can interact with Miko. Location is in Gion that is popular sightseeing spot in Kyoto.The tour starts from 18:00 and it takes hours. English speaking staff will explain about Maiko and Maiko will perform classical dance in front of you.

After that Maiko come to each table and you can talk with Maiko. Also you can take a picture with maiko. English speaking guide with you so you can ask question as you want.Finally, you can experience Geiko Asobi/Ozashi Asobi. It is traditional games with Maiko.When our staff joined  this tour,everyone looks happy.


It is no doubt that you can spend wonderful  night ! Why don’t you join our Maiko tour?



Adult (over 18 years old  ) ・・・17100 yen
Children (from 6 years old   to 17 years old )・・・15300 yen
Children (from 3 years old  to 5 years old )・・・11700 yen

Children between 0 years old and 2 years old are free


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※This event is only for foreign tourist so Japanese can not apply this tour