Kyoto Samurai Experience

Kyoto Samurai Experience

In response to the Japanese government’s request for countermeasures against the coronavirus, and also to protect the health of our customers, we have decided to close our activity services.

You can experience being a “”Samurai”” at a Samurai residence 5 minutes walk away from the Hankyu Omiya Station.

Not only will you learn in depth about the way of “”Samurai””, “”Bushido””and “”Katana””.You will be able to witness Laido master performing their arts.
After you have learnt the basic Samurai swordsmanship,you will be able do trial cuts with real a Katana!
After the trial cut, let us calm our minds by engaging in “”Zen””.

Let us experience Bushido in the ancient capital of Japan,Kyoto!

※ Cautions when booking ※

We will contact you within 3 business days after checking the availability of the reservation.
Please note that completing this application does not guarantee your reservation.

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TitleKyoto Samurai Experience
Event DateMonday ~ Saturday
TimeAM10:00, or PM3:00 (2hours)
Entry Fee12,000
Participants Number1~
VenueKyoto Samurai Experience
Meeting PlaceKyoto Samurai Experience Address: 〒604-8803 111, Inaba-Cho, Nakagyo-Ku, Kyoto, Japan
Contact AddressKyoto Samurai Experience
Cancel Policy50% cancellation fee will be charged 48 hours ago, and fully charged from 24 hours ago.