To experience for Japanese food (Washiyoku)/ Kyoto’s town house(MACHIYA)

To experience for Japanese food (Washiyoku)/ Kyoto’s town house(MACHIYA)

In response to the Japanese government’s request for countermeasures against the coronavirus, and also to protect the health of our customers, we have decided to close our activity services.

Have you ever think about not only eat the Japanese food (Washiyoku) also make by yourself?

This tour is in Kyoto’s traditional town house to have experience for making Japanese food (Washiyoku).
There’s a lot of courses that you can choose, and the most popular one is Bento class and Izakaya class.
When you go back to your country, you also can make this menu by yourself, too.
It’s very interesting and delicious!

It’s a very good experience that you can have the DIY Japanese food (Washiyoku) in Kyoto’s town house right?
If you want to have the chance to make Japanese food (Washiyoku) and you also don’t have another event to join, I really recommend this one to you!

和食料理體驗教室/ 京都之町家





TitleJapanese cooking school in Kyoto
Event DateBento class 09:30-13:00(3.5hours) /Daily
Izakaya class 14:00-17:30(3.5hours) /Daily
Entry Fee¥ 7,500~ ※The price depends on the number of participants.
Venue【cookin Sun KYOTO MACHIYA STUDIO】Funayacho 679, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto