Today we would love to introduce JR PASS to you guys!

If you have JR PASS, you can travel from northern japan to southern japan.Many tourists think that we can go anywhere in Kyoto city by JR PASS! but kyoto city has many train companies like Hankyu, Keihan,Randen,Eizan,Kintetsu and so on. So we are going to share which places you can go with JR PASS!



Kyoto station/ Kyoto Tower, Higashi-Honganji-temple, Nishi-Honganji-temple

Umekoji-Kyoto-NIshi station/ Umekoji Park, Kyoto Railway Museum, Kyoto Aquarium

Tambaguchi station/ Mibudera-temple, Sumiya Motenashi Museum

Nijo station/Nijo Castle

Enmachi station/ If you take bus from Enmachi station, you can go to Kinkakuji, Kitano Tenmangu

Hanazono station/ Myoushinji-temple

Uzumasa station/Toei Kyoto Studio Park

Saga arashiyama/ Arashiyama(The bamboo street)



Kyoto station/ Kyoto Tower, Higashi-Honganji-temple, Nishi-Honganji-temple

Tofukuji station/Tofukuji-temple, Senyuji-temple

Inari station/Fushimi Inari Shrine


If you are going Gion area, Kifune area, we suggest that you should take bus, Keihan line or Eizan line.Have a nice Kyoto trip! If you have any questions, please free to visit JAPANING KYOTO INFORMATION CENTER. WE ALL ARE WAITING FOR YOU!





Hello! I spend my school days in Kyoto, and I came back to Kyoto.This is because I was attracted by how great Kyoto sightseeing is.

In fact, I was born in the United States and lived to 3 years old.

I am really happy because I can talk to a lot of customers.I hope that more people know and visit Kyoto.Visiting Kyoto and japan might be once in a lifetime.I work hard for your Kyoto trip would be wonderful!