Kimono Rental

You can rent kimono at the samurai residence “KYOTO SAMURAI HOUSE / Kyoto Concierge Salon” 300 years old,
located about 7 minutes on foot from Kyoto Station.

“Miraku Kimono” 〜美楽着物〜 is a specially designed kimono that can be dressed in 3 minutes!
You can dress from over the clothes. You can wear comfortably, you can easily eat and sightseeing.

If you come to Kyoto, please wear Kimono and enjoy the scenery of Kyoto.


【Information on rates】
2 hours 4,000 yen / 8,000 yen per day / 1 day and 2 nights 10,000yen


※ Cautions when booking ※
We will contact you within 3 business days after checking the availability of the reservation.
Please note that completing this application does not guarantee your reservation.



您可以在距离京都站约有7分钟步行路程,拥有300年历史的武士住宅“京都武士住宅( Kyoto Concierge Salon)”租赁和服。




Title Kimono Rental
Event Date Every Day
Time 10:00-18:00
Entry Fee ¥2,000〜
Participants Number 1〜
Venue Kyoto Samurai House (Kyoto Concierge Salon)
Meeting Place 384 Mongakuchō, Shimogyō-ku, Kyōto-shi, Kyōto-fu 600-8222
Cancel Policy Cancellation fee fully charged from 2 days ago



※Please specify the number of people and choose the date and time from the calendar.