This might blow your mind if you, like me, come from a country where all fruits are born equal and have the same rights; fruits in Japan have prices based on their… grade? or just arbitrary price numbers based on how pretty they look.

As you can see on the photo above, some of their melons go all the way up to a 100$ a pop. Can’t help but feel like the profit margin there might be a bit much but for some shops, pretty-fruits business is how they live. Who knows though, maybe they do taste 97$ better!

One thing you should know is that fruits and melons in Japan are included in their omiyage culture. A culture in which every time someone travels outside his city, will buy some food souvenir for their family/friends and co-workers. So believe it or not, people will sometimes give each other some of those, overly pretty and expensive melons or mangos or really any fruits not even normally remotely special, quite often and be happy receivers!

That said you may still be able to find your cantaloups at a near-normal price if you’re lucky and in-season, but usually you should be expecting them to be a 10$ luxury here.




Hey guys, I'm a dude in his thirties from Quebec who had the chance to experience Japan on and off over the span of more than 10 years.