Kyoto Train Railway Museum

The Kyoto Railway Museum was opened in April 2016. It is is one of Japan’s three great railway museums. Covering three floors on a 30,000 square meter site, the museum exhibits a total of 53 retired trains, from steam locomotives to more recent electric trains and bullet trains. Visitors can also walk underneath and observe the inner workings of a retired freight locomotive.

The museum displays railway uniforms, tools and an abundance of other accessories from past eras and boasts one of Japan’s largest dioramas, in which miniature trains are controlled single-handedly by a skilled operator as they traverse the intricately detailed landscape. There are also a variety of interactive exhibitions where visitors can perform the duties of a train conductor or drive a train simulator. The museum’s restaurant is on the second floor directly below an observation deck. Both offer nice views of the passing trains.

The train museum is located in the same park as, but past, the aquarium, 20 mins walk west of Kyoto Station.