Upcoming Japanese event called Setsubun (February 3rd)

To celebrate the arrival of spring, annually on the 3rd of February, the people of Kyoto have this ritual called mamemaki where they throw beans (yes those little things that usually serve as food) outside or at designated mask-wearing victims. While some families pick a member to wear a Demon Mask and enjoy the practice at home, many others join on the festival at their local temple.

While the custom is set at temples and shrines, it is not tied to a specific religion. Everyone can participate! So if you want in on the bean throwing fun without people judging you for wasting food, just go to any of those sanctuaries. Eating some of the roasted beans is OK too if you’re hungry. This is actually also part of the ritual where you can eat up to your age + 1 of them.

Note that the practice has been around for more than 500 years and is meant to expel demons away for the year so that only good luck remains. The poor beans aren’t thrown in vain.