A New Kabuki Production of ‘NARUTO’ @KYOTO

A New Kabuki Production of ‘NARUTO’ 

2019/06/02(sun)~2019/06/26(wed) Day time/11:00   Night time/16:00 ※It will start at 18:00 only on 18 June
※There may be only one performance depends on the day, so please check.

Being selected as one of the “Registered tangible cultural properties” in 1996, Minamiza is also assigned as the “Historical landmark” of Kyoto. The popular manga “Naruto” is published in the series 140 million copies in Japan and distributed in more than 40 countries and regions. The total number of published comics overseas is more than 95 million!

Kabuki “Naruto” will be held at the Kyoto’s symbol, “Minamiza”. “Naruto” is a manga on the theme of “Ninja”, which is popular  both domestically and abroad.


The new song “Hikarino nakade” which is written for this Kabuki will be used as the ending theme by  Kabuki’s original production method, fusion of the latest video, and rock entertainment band “Wagakki band” combining Japanese musical instruments and rock bands. You can enjoy lots of production methods and new sense of Kabuki!

Please take a look at this opportunity. It will be a wonderful memory in Kyoto!


【Admonition Fee】

First-class seats: 14,500 yen   Second-class seats: 8,500 yen   Third-class seats: 5,000 yen   VIP seats: 15,500 yen

♪You can get more English information at JAPANING KYOTO INFORMATION CENTER.


Detail  https://naruto-kabuki.com  English Website https://naruto-kabuki.com/english/index.html

Purchase web site(English) https://www.e-tix.jp/shochiku/#june_2


南座/Minamiza https://goo.gl/maps/yue9BKXxjGuMS7M16


From Keihan line Gionshijo station “exit 6”

About 3 minutes on foot from Hankyu line Kawaramachi station “exit 1”

A car (a taxi) is convenient from JR Kyoto Station. If there is no congestion on the road, it will take about 15 minutes.