Originally an aristocratic villa in the nearby town of Uji, Kyoto, Byodoin became a Buddhist temple in 1052. The main hall (the Amida-do, popularly known as Hoo-do, or “Phoenix Hall”) is the only remaining original building; the others were burnt down during a civil war in 1331. The Phoenix Hall and its garden, with its Chinese influence, was intended to represent Saiko-Gokurado-Jodo (the Pure Land Paradise in the West).

Originalement une villa aristocratique, Byōdō-in est devenu un temple Bouddhiste en 1052. Son dernier pavillon d’origine est le Phoenix Hall, son hall principal; les autres structures ont été mise à feu durant une guerre civile en 1331. Le Hall du Phoenix et son jardin servent à représenter un paradis.

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